Antonio Guest House Ohrid Macedonia

Why I Dislike Hotels

For many reasons I dislike hotels. When I decided to take a road trip to Lake Ohrid Macedonia I checked online to see what the hotel prices were. The last few years I have tried to stay away from hotels, preferring instead to rent a condo or apartment.  

Operating Room

Top Countries For Medical Tourism

  Medical tourism is big business and is only getting more popular. More and more people are traveling to other countries to get medical procedures done because of the low cost and high standards.

Doha Qatar

Top five things to do in Doha

  Doha may not be the first place to spring to mind if you’re looking for a luxury getaway in the sun, but it would be a mistake to underestimate this rising star of the Gulf.

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Emirates Waiting Area

Living the Privileged Life

As I enter the exclusive section I can only look with pity upon those that are relegated to the cattle car. I am not really a snob but I do deserve to be here. I love the privileged life.


Thessaloniki Greece-waterfront

Thessaloniki Greece, Old World Charm, Modern City

Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece and the Capitol of Central Macedonia. Founded in 315 BC by King Cassandre and named after the sister of Alexander the Great, the city is a meld of old world charm and modern city.

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How To Score A Great Airline Seat

Are you tired of crappy airline service, long lines, flight delays and people who give the impression they could care less?

Boarding Gate

How To Make More Memories On Your Next Trip

When you think back on past vacations and trips there is that one memory that usually comes to mind. It might be seeing the Eiffel Tower or some other notable “must see” tourist site. For me, those memories come when I get off the tourist path and start meeting people. After traveling for years some […]

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Bus Photo

Photo: They Must Be Pretty Smart

  All I can say is they must be pretty smart kids.

Classis cars

Tats and Tires

Some people like tattoos, some classic cars and some motorcycles. Then there are those that like all three.