Vancouver Island’s most famous tourist destination is British Columbia’s capital city, Victoria, but this 12,079 mi² island has so much more to offer, from surfing to skiing.  One of our favorite places to visit on the island is Comox, known as the island’s outdoor playground for nature lovers.

How to get there: You can fly into Comox, or take the ferry from Vancouver to Nanaimo (Duke Point) and drive up.  We look forward to the scenic 2 hour ferry ride, it’s not uncommon to see pods of orcas or dolphins. The drive is another hour and a half from the ferry terminal up to Comox. There are several nice hotels in the area, but you’ll find some very cool and unique oceanfront B&B’s in the area.

What to do. There are beautiful beaches, and gorgeous rainforest trails to hike and mountain bike, but this coastal town is where we go to get out on the water.  Charter a sailboat, rent a kayak or canoe and head out to Tree Island and spend the day at the beach.  You can go on your own or with a guide.  Rent a Hobie Cat to do some day sailing or a SUP to paddle around.  We did an overnight sailing trip and fell asleep to the sound of pods of whales puffing as they surfaced on their way through the channel.  It’s magical. You’ll see seals and sea lions, and there are bald eagles everywhere.

15. Surigao del Norte, Philippines

Suggested by Hannah & Adam from Getting Stamped


Situated in the province of Surigao del Norte and just 800 kilometers southeast of Philippines’s capital Manila is the island of Siargao. We absolutely love this island and is one of those places that is just the perfect destination. 

Not only is it absolutely beautiful, but the island is also super cheap – money goes very far here. 

It has started to gain a little bit of popularity, but it is still totally an off the beaten path destination that isn’t touristy or overdeveloped. It’s the perfect time to visit this amazing island! 

You’ll spend your days soaking in the sun on the beach, exploring the island by motorbike, surfing or watching the surfers near the Cloud 9 Pier and surf break and island hopping throughout the cluster of small islands. 

There are also tons of day trips from Siargao, like Three Island Tour, Sohoton Cove Day Trip or Sugba Lagoon.

Bonus> The Siwa Oasis

Suggested by Dee from Vanilla Papers

Siwa-Temple-of the-Oracle

The Siwa Oasis, in Egypt’s Western Desert, is one of the country’s most isolated settlements – and it’s well worth the bumpy, 10-hour trip from Cairo. Siwa’s 33,000 residents are mostly Amazighs who speak a distinct local dialect called Siwi and have – thanks to their remoteness – developed a unique desert culture. The landscapes are spectacular with salt and freshwater lakes and towering sand dunes.
Famous for its dates and olives, Siwa also has distinct local dishes best sampled at one of the oasis’ luxurious eco lodges or with friends over a bonfire. There are also historical sites including the Mountain of the Dead with its ancient Egyptian tombs, and the Temple of the Oracle of Amun, best known for Alexander the Great’s visit there in 331 BC to consult the oracle and confirm himself as Egypt’s king. What I love most about Siwa is its unhurried spirit and its innocence. Unspoiled by mass tourism, it’s a gorgeous destination to witness an authentic culture and long-held traditions. 

So there you have it. 15 Off The Beaten Path Destinations and 1 Bonus destination as revealed by those that write about travel. There are a lot of ways to find off the beaten track destinations and you can find some really cool places where you least expect. 

Have you ever discovered an off the beaten path destination? Drop a comment and let me know where your favorite off the beaten track destination is and maybe I will mention you and it on The Traveling Fool Podcast.